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The Story of
Dreamlife Innovations

Passionate About Helping Others

What started out as a personal need to get my own life in order to what has evolved into Dreamlife Innovations, Inc. is a story of triumph, heartbreak and a whole lot of personal growth.

Coming from a family filled with small business Chiropractors making a direct and positive impact in our local community, I knew growing up that I wanted to follow in their footsteps and build my own business (but not necessarily in the same business.)

After studying a few years in Architecture, I found myself transferring to and eventually graduating from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelors of Business Administration. Then came the real world..

With tens of thousands of dollars in student loan and credit card debt, my dreams of entrepreneurship and building my legacy quickly vanished and were replaced with an immediate need for a job - one that came with a corporate cubicle. After years of paying what I could, but ultimately losing out to collection agencies, my credit score took the backside of the first big drop on the biggest rollercoaster you can imagine. Right then, I decided there had to be a better way.

I decided I would begin building a small business on the side. I started with an ecommerce store since that was the context of my corporate job. I then tried ecommerce consulting, but I found myself with too few clients and too little cashflow. I just couldn't find the vehicle to my entrepreneurial dreams.


Then in August of 2019, my future fell into my lap in the form of a message on social media. A lady reached out to me and, without any context to my situation or knowledge of my background simply asked "Do you know anyone with less than perfect credit?"

At first I was startled, thinking "Who is this person and why is she asking me THIS question?!" But eventually, I started working with her and after four months and an almost 150 point increase in my credit score, I knew what had been given to me. I had to tell everyone I knew about this lady and this program! (You see, when I was in grade school, the closest chance I had to a financial literacy class was a money management class that was being offered my freshman year. Unfortunately though, by the time my freshman year came around in the fall of that year, that class along with several others were included in a massive system-wide budget cut.) Three days before Christmas, this lady and now my personal Mentor asked if I would like to start a business, be trained by her and help people in my community achieve the same growth and financial success that I had found myself. (I had found my vehicle!) 

Since then, I've been learning as much as I can, as fast as I can in order to help as many people as I can! And while we're only at the beginning, I believe the future is bright! As I learn more and more, I see much more value down the road that I can give back to the community (and the country) that I grew up in. So that at the end of my final day, I will hopefully have done my part to leave this World just a bit better than the one it brought me into.

Until then - Cheers,

          Jordan A. Bloomingdale

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